The demigoth races are possibly the youngest of the sentient races, and quite definitely the least advanced judging by the structures in Skuldoon, their town. Most of the demigoth races appear to be beast men of some kind. While most of their history is unknown, it appears that at least four of the demigoth races united into an alliance of sorts to deal with each other as well as the non demigoth races. Demigoths in the alliance frown upon fighting one another, but any race not part of their alliance is fair game. The Demigoth reside primarily in the south/southeast part of the world map, near the Forbidden Lands.

Civilized RacesEdit

When creating a new character, the player may pick one of four demigoth races. These make up the so called civilized races. Most of them are willing to deal with other races, even if they are somewhat disdainful of non-demigoths. They live together in their town, which has somewhat unrefined construction.

Thralls Thralls are the smallest but most common demigoth. Being some of the brightest, it is little surprise they would take up various businesses.

Urgoths Urgoths are the largest demigoth, and the largest character available to players. They are extremely strong, but most are below average intellect.

Wylvan Wylvan resmemble cats or wolves, and are quick and cunning. Many show an aptitude for magic.

Zaur Zaur are lizard men who make fierce fighters.

Note: Many demigoths, just like humans and elves, prefer to skirt their race's laws, so harass individuals wandering their area like thieves and bandits.

Savage RacesEdit

At this time, only one other race has been termed a demigoth race, but not part of the others. This race, and any like it, are considered savages because they do as they wish and will attack any one they please, including other demigoths.

Naga The Naga are humanoid from the waist up and serpentine from the waist down. In addition to dropping loot, they also drop snake skins when killed.