Dungeon Lords MMXII is a remastered version of the original Dungeon Lords. Released following the cancellation of Dungeon Lords: The Orb and the Oracle, it offered the same story as the original and much of the same gameplay.

In 2016, a revised version of the game was released on Steam.


The story, graphics, and sound appear to be the same between the original and 2012 versions.

Combat is also largely unchanged, and the monsters appear to be identical to their original incarnations.



While classes work much the same way, there are some changes. In the original version, players selected one of two upgrade choices for each of their starting classes. In the new version, players have the option of choosing either to follow an upgrade or get a hybrid class based upon what the two starting classes are. Also, the Eastern Houses sub guild now seems to offer the upgrade paths for both of a player's starting classes, instead of the one that the player initially chooses.


While the four school Magic still exist, each has been assigned to a particular class. Players have a mana bar, and it fuels all of the spells. Spells also are learned as a character levels up, so can no longer be found nor bought. Some spells are the same, but some are now vastly different or have even been removed completely.


Skills are one of the most drastic changes. Players cannot simply pick up and equip any item. Weapons and armor are now class specific, and players cannot use items that are not part of the classes they pick, almost completely removing penalties.


While most if not all weapons, armor, and etc. return, many of them have been adjusted to account for the alterations in gameplay.