Dwarfen Character

"These tough, gruff humanoids are short of stature and heavy framed. Dwarves are strong and hardy, but are not particularly agile, making for powerful Fighters and tough Adepts. "

Dwarves are one of the playable races of Dungeon Lords. Dwarves are shorter than most races, but thicker builds than most other races. They are all men who have larger and more sophisticated beards than their human counterparts. They have the same range of hair color, blond, red, brown, black, and gray.

Dwarves are strong and tough, but they lack the reach of the other races. However, they also may also have some aptitude for magic.


There appear to be no general Dwarf NPCs, e.g. Civilian, Citizen, Guard, etc., in Dungeon Lords, and they seem to lack a community, i.e. town of their own. However, there are a few individual NPCs of great importance: Grunmeir- The Guildmaster for the Fargrove branch of the Fighter's Guild as well as the shopkeeper for Arms of Argus Armory in Fargrove. Mage Aliester- The Guildmaster for the Fargrove branch of the Guild of Mages as well as the shopkeeper for Magic Emporium in Fargrove. Seer Augustus- At the start of the game, you receive a summons from this member of the Celestial Order, which begins the adventure for the player.


There have been no known encounters with enemy dwarves at this time.


Dwarves appear to be the minority race of Dungeon Lords, unless once counts the Demigoths individually.