An Elf male

"These humanoids are an ancient race, wise and long-lived. The Elves of Arindale are noble and civilized, while some of the other elven clans, such as the Drey, are more feral. Elves are intelligent and lithe, but are also the most fragile of the races. Elves make superior Mages and competent Adepts."

Elves are much like Humans, with hair of various colors. However, the males have no beard and both male and female elves hairstyle show off their pointed ears. They are the only race besides Humans to have both male and female versions.

Elves are agile but fragile. They are fast and accurate, but not as tough as others in close up combat. However, whatever they lack in strength and toughness is made up for in speed and accuracy.


Most Elf NPCs are located in the town of Arindale. Unlike most interpretations, much of the Elves are actually based upon samurai and ancient Japan.


Not all Elves are enlightened, and some like it that way. The Drey are formidable foes who use their their speed to weaken fores from afar before moving in close.


Elves are one of the only two races with female versions, and so can access the quests of the Sisterhood sub-guild. However, while there is a quest in Arindale only available for players who are an Elf (male or female), being an Elf will NOT help the player get into Arindale on the first visit.