Heraldry items are passive bonuses earned by the player throughout the game. The player has a great deal of choice in which ones are gained, enabling another layer of character customization. Like gaining extra classes, most heraldry items are not necessary to finishing the game, but they do make life much easier.

Heraldry DataEdit

Most Heraldry Items are colored images on a bronze triangle shield, though some are different. Players pick one upon character creation, for free, and others are gained throughout the game, normally after completing a story or guild quest. Every time a Heraldry Item is gained, it is displayed in the player's character's page.

Heraldry come in two varieties. The colored varieties come from a variety of guilds, even shared across the guilds. The gold versions are the most powerful and are gained only from attaining a tier 3 class, which means that a player can only have one.

Heraldry ListEdit

The Acrobat: Athletics +10%, Speed +10%

The Astronomer: Celestial Magic +10%

The Fool of Fortune: + Luck

The Lady and the Lion: Strike +2

The Magician: Arcane Magic +10%