"Humans are one of the prominent races in the world of Dungeon Lords. Humans have evenly distributed ability scores and are reasonably capable in any class they may choose to pursue."

Humans have a wide range of appearances. Their hair color can be blonde, red, brown, black, and gray. Men have the option of various beards while women have more hairstyles. Humans are one of the two races who have females.

Humans are the balanced race. Their points are evenly distributed so are equally suited to any class used. There is a difference in the male and female starting stats, but otherwise they are the same.


Humans are one of the most prominent races in Dungeon Lords. The majority of the NPC humans are found in the town of Fargrove. Many are citizens or guards there. Those with individual names include Shopkeepers, Bartenders, Guards and Civilians among others. It is not really practical to include the total list individual NPCs due to their number, their importance, and how often the player will interact with them.


As stated previously, Humans are one of the most prominent races in Dungeon Lords. Human foes can be found just about anywhere, even in lands claimed by the other races. They can be any class, just like the player, but tend towards fighters and rogues (thieves), rather than mages.


Humans are one of the only two races to have a female version of their character. This gives them access to the extra quests of the Sisterhood sub-guild.