Magic is a common theme and factor in fantasy games, and Dungeon Lords is no exception. There are four schools of magic, and the player will most likely be forced to use some magic at various parts in the game. Like many games, magic is very weak at the start of the game but very powerful towards the end of the game.

Note: Thank you to whoever added the list of all the spells. It was a big help. (your welcome- Sir?)


Unlike most games, magic in Dungeon Lords does not depend on a player's personal mana supply. Each of the schools has their own power sources for their spells. Since for the most part, each spell has its own power source, players do not need to worry about reserving some mana for healing, thus preventing them from using their offensive magic so much. Also, spells are not learned through leveling up, but by gaining a copy of the spell.

When casting spells, the player's related magic skill comes into play. If the spell's level is higher than the player's related magic skill, then the spell has reduced effect and may fail or fizzle. However, if the spell is lower than the player's related magic skill, then its effect is increased. However, this is only noticeable different every five level above a spell's level. For example, a Magic Missile (level two) is far more powerful if used at a level seven skill level that at level five, but a Fireball (level four) must wait until the skill level is nine before seeing a similar boost. It also appears that there is a decreased casting time or at least lower chance for disruption if the player's relevant magic skill is higher than the spell in question.

Note: Scrolls and Potions have spell like effects, but they never fail nor do they improve with the increase in the appropriate magic skill. Items with a Magic Weaponry effect increase in power with increases in the Magic Weaponry skill, not any of the magic skills.

The Four SchoolsEdit

Dungeon Lords has four schools of magic. Each is different in function and form than the others.

Arcane Magic- Arcane Magic is almost completely offensive. It deals damage of pure magic, fire, or ice. Arcane spells are powered by Spell books.

Celestial Magic- Celestial Magic is Dungeon Lord's version of Holy or White Magic. It is primarily defensive, focusing on healing and support, but having some very effective spells against enemies of a darker nature. e.g. Undead enemies. Celestial spells are powered by Star Crystals.

Nether Magic- Nether Magic is the dirty tricks branch of magic, having many status effect spells and the majority of the Summon spells it its field. Nether Magic is more complicated, as well spells must be premade using ingredients called Nether Kataals, most of which can be collected from monsters. The number of uses for a Nether Spell is how many charges have been made up. If you go to the nether tab you can click on the materials required to cast a spell to make a charge for it.

Rune Magic- Rune Magic is almost exclusively about buffs. Rune Magic has a variety of spells that boost almost every aspect of a player's abilities. Rune Spells must be learned separately, and then powered by Rune Stones. Thus the limit on a Rune Spell is the number of available rune energy which is 100 per stone. There are 10 types of runes stones which are Aenir, Bruenguld, Cythoen, Demetos, Erillae, Feohn, Geomynn, Haentir, Isildorn, and Jyrgaed. Once the runes stones are used, they slowly recharge over time

Note: Nether and Rune spells tell you the materials you need to cast the spell when you highlight over them, but for Rune spells ignore the last two zeros and that's the number of rune stones you need. Celestial and Arcane spells can be cast until the amount of charges run out, but for these spells the charges recharge over time. In addition, the lower the spell level, the faster it recharges.

Note: The quickest way to recharge spells is to wait at a campfire

Broken SpellsEdit

Unfortunately, one of the major criticisms of Dungeon Lords was its unfinished content, and the four schools of Magic are victims too. There are several spells, scattered through the schools that are "broken", i.e. they do not work. Most of these cannot even be found, though icon images have been found by various hacks. Even if a broken spell is gained, it will show up in a player's inventory under the appropriate school, but will have no effect when cast.

Arcane SpellsEdit

Note: This spell list assumes you have the collector's edition

Note: anything with *unknown* means it might be obtainable in the game, but I was unable to find it

Level 1

Freezing Touch - Freeze enemies by melee attacking them

Shrieking Star - Shoots a disc of sparks that does low damage over time to any enemy passing near it

Level 2

Fire Mines *unknown* - Creates small fires that damage enemies and sets them on fire when they touch them

Magic Missile - Magic projectile that explodes on impact damaging nearby enemies

Burning Hands - Set enemies on fire by melee attacking them

Level 3

Blasting Winds - Strong winds that do little damage, but have strong knockback

Fire Burst - Dual fire projectiles that explode on impact damaging nearby enemies

Level 4

Fireball - Ball of fire that explodes on impact damaging and setting ablaze nearby enemies

Freeze - Freezes an enemy

Shooting Sparks - Sprays sparks at nearby enemies

Zap - Sprays lightning at the nearest target

Level 5

Burning Vapors *unknown* - Creates a cloud that burns and sets ablaze enemies within it

Ice Shards - Sprays ice shards freezing nearby enemies

Whirlwind - Creates a mini-tornado that whirls around and damages enemies within its path

Level 6

Blast Nova - Creates a ring of fire that damages and blasts enemies back

Flamethrower - Sprays fire setting Ablaze nearby enemies

Iceball - Ball of ice that explodes damaging and freezing nearby enemies

Level 7

Freezing Vapors - Creates a cloud that damages and freezes enemies within it

Level 8

Fire Missile *unknown* - Sprays Fire damaging nearby enemies and setting them ablaze

Ice Nova - Creates a ring of ice that damages, freezes, and pushes back enemies

Level 9

Fire Storm *unknown* - Rains fire damaging setting enemies ablaze

Ice Storm *unknown* - Rains ice damaging and freezing enemies

Level 10

Fire Nova - Creates a ring of fire that pushes enemies back and sets them ablaze

Level 12

Cataclysm *only can be obtained from path of the mage in the tomb of souls* - Creates several fiery rings that do massive damage to nearby enemies and ignore their resistances

Celestial Spells Edit

Level 1

Heal - Heal yourself

Peace - Causes an enemy disengage and walk away

Level 2

Dispel Undead - Damage an undead creature

Divine Radiance *unknown* - Temporarily reduce damage received

Vision - Temporarily increases your mapping ability

Level 3

Silence - Target enemy can't cast spells

Solar Ray - Shoots a beam of light damaging any enemies within it

Time - Slows time for enemies and you (only good use is for disabling high level chests)

Unpetrify - Removes paralyzing effects (hold, freeze, sleep, vines)

Level 4

Blink *unknown* - teleport to a nearby location instead of blocking

Dispel Evil - damages a group of undead, demons, or shadow creatures

Restoration - Heals you back to full health

Ward Fire - Protects you from fire

Level 5

Lightning - Shoots lighting electrocuting nearby enemies

Radiant Heal *unknown* - Heal yourself and nearby allies

Resurrection - Resurrect yourself or an ally to full health without attribute loss

Level 6

Prismatic Rays *unknown* - Shoots multicolored rays causing various negative effects to enemies

Breath of Air - Breathe underwater and protect yourself from choking

Purify - Cures poison and other harmful effects

Divine Strike - Increases damage done to undead, demons, and shadow creatures

Level 7

Divine Cure *unknown* - Heals you back to full health and removes negative effects

Ward of Ice - Protects you from ice

Blessed Spirit - Summons a blessed spirit that will heal you and your allies

Level 8

Regeneration *unknown* - Increase the speed you recover health

Ward of Petrification - Protection from immobilizing effects

Level 9

Divine Intervention *unknown* - Summons a battle spirit to fight with you

Level 10

Divine Grace *unknown* - You Temporarily become immune to all damage

Nether SpellsEdit

Level 1

Fear - Makes a group of enemies easy to hit and indecisive (made with batwing and deadman hair)

Slow Monsters - Makes a group of enemies slower to move and attack (made with Grinnich Weed and mordis vine)

Pain Sting - Damages a monster (made with scorpion tail, snake skin)

Summon Rats - Summons rats (made with rat tail and bone dust)

Level 2

Weaken - Reduces the damage that a group of enemies does (made with deadman hair, grinnich weed, rat tail)

Poisonous Touch *broken spell* - Increases damage and poisons enemies in melee (made with ophelia wort, scorpion tail, spider yolk)

Bloodlust - Increases damage, but reduces defense (made with black orchid, putrid flesh, vulture beak)

Summon Wolves - Summons wolves (made with blood nectre, bone dust, Wolf mane)

Level 3

Locust Swarm - Summons a swarm of locusts that will attack the targeted enemy (made with blood nectre, putrid flesh, wyrm gangre)

Choking Cloud *broken spell* - Creates a cloud of gas causing creatures within to choke (made with bat wing, grinnich weed, ochre pollen)

Summon Undead - Summons skeletons (made with bone dust, deadman hair, raven claw)

Soften - reduces defense of nearby enemies thus making them easier to hit (made with rat tail, snake skin, spider yolk)

Level 4

Summon Beast - Summons a borloth (made with black orchid, bone dust, borloth horn, wyrm gangre)

Sleep - Puts a Group of enemies to sleep (made with grinnich weed, mandrake root, ochre pollen, snake skin)

Blinding Fog *broken spell* - Creates a cloud that blinds enemies (made with bat wing, brimstone powder, ochre pollen, spider yolk)

Berserk (stronger version of bloodlust) - Increases damage, but reduces defense (made with mandrake root, monster eye, putrid flesh, vulture beak)

Nether Blast - Hurts a single enemy and does moderate damage (made with brimstone powder, monkey paw, raven claw, scorpion tail)

Level 5

Poison Cloud - Creates a cloud that damages enemies, causes them to choke, and poisons them (made with Bat Wing, ochre pollen, ophelia wort, scorpion tail)

Confusion *broken spell* - Causes a group of enemies to attack each other (made with mandrake root, monkey paw, vulture beak, wyrm gangre)

Gripping Vines - Immobilizes an enemy (made with blood nectre, bone dust, mordis vine, soul stone)

Summon Haunt - Summons a ghost (made with brimstone powder, deadman hair, raven claw, shrunken head)

Level 6

Blade of Baal - Increases your damage, strike, and lets you set enemies ablaze in melee (made with blood nectre, brimstone powder, demon horn, diamond dust, monkey paw)

Suffocating Cloud *broken spell* - Creates a cloud that does lots of damage to enemies (made with bat wing, borloth horn, monster eye, ochre pollen, putrid flesh)

Summon Guardian - Summons a minotaur (made with black orchid, bone dust, dragon tooth, mordis vine, wolf mane)

Level 7

Beast *broken spell* - Temporarily increases your health (made with blood nectre, demon horn, dragon tooth, soul stone, spider yolk)

Summon Giant - Summons a troll (made with black orchid, bone dust, borloth horn, monster eye, vulture beak)

Level 8

Dragon Claws *broken spell* - Increases damage and strike when fighting with fists (made with borloth horn, diamond dust, dragon tooth, scorpion tail, snake skin)

Possession *broken spell* - Cause an enemy to fight with you (made with black orchid, demon horn, mandrake root, shrunken head, soul stone)

Summon fiend - Summons a demon (blood nectre, brimstone powder, demon horn, dried homonculous, raven claw, soul stone)

Level 9

Drain Life - Steals health from an enemy and gives it to you (made with demon horn, diamond dust, dried homunculus, shrunken head, soul stone)

Summon Deathlord *broken spell* - Summons a deathlord (made with blood nectre, bone dust, borloth horn, deadman hair, diamond dust, soul stone)

Level 10

Hate - Makes all nearby enemies attack the target enemy (made with brimstone powder, mandrake root, monkey paw, monster eye, shrunken head, vulture beak)

Level 12

Summon Evil *broken spell* - Couldn't figure out what this spell is supposed to do as it didn't work and I couldn't find a note on it anywhere (made with brimstone powder, blood nectre, demon horn, dried homonculous, monkey paw, raven claw, soul stone)

Rune Spells Edit

Level 1

Rune Strike *broken spell* - Temporarily Increase your strike (1 Cythoen, 1 Demetos)

Rune Armor *broken spell* - Temporarily Increase your armor (1 Bruenguld, 1 Demetos)

Level 2

Rune Speed *broken spell* - Temporarily Increase your speed (1 Demetos, 2 Haentir)

Rune Shield - Temporarily Creates an invincible magic shield for blocking (1 Demetos, 1 Erillae, 1 Feohn)

Level 3

Rune Blade - Enchants your current melee weapon increasing its damage (2 Aenir, 1 Cythoen, 1 Feohn)

Level 4

Missile Barrier *unknown* - Creates a magic field around you and protects you from ranged attacks

Boon Strike - Temporarily Increase your and other player's strike (1 Aenir, 1 Bruenguld, 1 Demetos, 2 Geomynn)

Boon Armor - Temporarily Increase your and other player's armor (1 Aenir, 1 Bruenguld, 1 Demetos, 2 Geomynn)

Level 5

Rune Missiles *unknown* - Enchants your current ranged weapon increasing its damage

Boon Speed - Temporarily Increase your and other player's speed

Boon Shield - Temporarily Creates an invincible magic shield for blocking

Orb of Defense *unknown* - Creates some orbs that circle around you and explode if touched by an enemy

Level 6

Rune Warrior *broken spell* - Temporarily increase your strike, armor, and speed (2 Aenir, 1 Cythoen, 1 Demetos, 2Feohn, 1 Haentir)

Boon Blades - Enchants your and other player's current melee weapons increasing their damage (2 Aenir, 2 Cythoen, 2 Feohn, 1 Geomynn)

Spitting Shield - Temporarily Creates an invincible magic shield that damages an enemy if they hit whilst you are blocking

Level 7

Boon Missiles *unknown* - Enchants your and other player's current ranged weapons increasing their damage

Shards of Stone - Shoots stones at nearby enemies (1 Aenir, 1 Cythoen, 1 Erillae, 1 Feohn, 1 Geomynn)

Anti-Magic Shield - Temporarily Creates an invincible magic shield that while blocking reflects magic projectiles back to the enemy that casted them ( 2 Bruenguld, 1 Demetos, 1 Erillae, 2 Feohn, 2 Isildorn)

Level 8

Petrify *unknown* - Temporarily paralyzes and increases the armor of an enemy

Sanctuary - Creates a field that reduces damage done by magic projectiles (3 Aenir, 2 Bruenguld, 1 Demetos, 3 Feohn)

Level 9

Anti-Magic Barrier *unknown* - Creates a magic field that reflects magic projectiles back to the enemy that casted them

Urth's Wrath *unknown* - Causes boulders to rain from the sky damaging enemies

Level 10

Vengeance *unknown* - Any damage done to you is reflected back to the enemy