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      Nether Spells are made with Nether cartys. Nether cartys are basically ingredients you combine to make Nether spells. To access these ingredients, press "e" (or whatever key you set to open inventory) on your keyboard to open your inventory and then click on the tab called "Nether". This will open an inventory screen with all the Nether Spells you made and the Nether Katals you have. Each time you combine the ingredients, it makes ONE charge of the spell you're making. This means you only have one use of that spell. To get more charges, make more of that spell. This isn't the same for Celestial or Arcane spells.

Names/Effects of SpellsEdit

Spell Level Recipe Effect Type
Fear 1 Bat Wing, Deadman Hair Afflicts a group of nearby monsters  with Fear, making them easier to hit, less effective in combat, and makes them indecisive in their actions Instant
Slow 1 Grinnich Weed, Mordis Vine Slows a group of monsters, making them slower to move and attack Instant
Summon Rats 1 Rat Tail, Bone Dust Summons a group of rats which will fight alongside the caster Instant
Pain 1

Scorpion Tail, Snake Skin

Blasts a monster with a painful, damaging bolt Ready
Weaken 2 Deadman Hair, Grinnich Weed, Rat Tail Makes a group of monsters much less effective in combat by reducing their damage Instant
Poison Touch 2 Ophelia Wort, Scorpion Tail, Spider Yolk Enchants the caster's weapon or fists with poison, increasing his damage and allowing him to inflict poison on enemies he strikes.
Bloodlust 2 Black Orchid, Putrid Flesh, Vulture Beak Enchants the caster with increased damage, but also reduces his defense and makes him unable to block.
Summon Wolves 2 Blood Nectre, Bone Dust, Wolf Mane Summons a pack of wolves that will fight alongside the caster.
Choking Cloud 3 Bat Wing, Grinnich Weed, Ochre Pollen Creates a cloud of gas that causes monsters to choke, disrupting their attacks.
Locust Swarm 3 Blood Nectre, Putrid Flesh, Wyrm Gangre Calls forth a cloud of locusts that will focus on the targeted creature and attack it.
Soften 3 Rat Tail, Snake Skin, Spider Yolk Reduces the defense of your opponent, making them easier to hit.
Summon Undead 3 Bone Dust, Deadman Hair, Raven Claw Summons a group of skeletons that will fight alongside the caster.
Nether Blast 4 Brimstone Powder, Monkey Paw, Raven Claw, Scorpion Tail One of the only direct damage spells in the Nether Magic school.
Summon Beast 4 Black Orchid, Bone Dust, Borloth Horn, Wyrm Gangre Summons a mighty borloth or crawler that will fight alongside the caster.
Sleep 4 Grinnich Weed, Mandrake Root, Ochre Pollen, Snake Skin Puts a group of monsters to sleep.
Blinding Fog 4 Bat Wing, Brimstone Powder, Ochre Pollen, Spider Yolk Creates a pale cloud of blinding fog that inflicts monsters with blindness.
Berserk 4 Mandrake Root, Monster Eye, Putrid Flesh, Vulture Beak Enchants the caster with greatly increased damage, but also reduces his defense and makes him unable to block.
Poison Cloud 5 Bat Wing, Ochre Pollen, Ophelia Wort, Scorpion Tail Creates a cloud of poison gas that does moderate gas damage to monsters, causes them to choke and inflicts them with poison.
Confusion 5 Mandrake Root, Monkey Paw, Vulture Beak, Wyrm Gangre Inflicts confusion on a group of nearby monsters, making them attack one another.
Gripping Vines 5 Blood Nectre, Bone Dust, Mordis Vine, Soul Stone Causes a cage of thorny vines to spring from the ground, immobilizing the target creature.
Summon Haunt 5 Brimstone Powder, Deadman Hair, Raven Claw, Shrunken Head Summons a Ghost that will fight alongside the caster.
Blade of Baal 6 Blood Nectre, Brimstone Powder, Demon Horn, Diamond Dust, Monkey Paw Enchants the caster's readied melee weapon with an unholy blue fire, increasing his strike, damage, and setting targets he hits ablaze.
Suffocating Cloud 6 Bat Wing, Borloth Horn, Monster Eye, Ochre Pollen, Putrid Flesh Creates a suffocating gas cloud that inflicts heavy damage to monsters or kills them outright.
Summon Guardian 6 Black Orchid, Bone Dust, Dragon Tooth, Mordis Vine, Wolf Mane Summons a minotaur that will fight alongside the caster.
Beast 7 Blood Nectre, Demon Horn, Dragon Tooth, Soul Stone, Spider Yolk Temporarily increases the Life and Health of the caster.
Summon Giant 7 Black Orchid, Bone Dust, Borloth Horn, Monster Eye, Vulture Beak Summons a huge troll that will fight alongside the caster.
Dragon Claws 8 Borloth Horn, Diamond Dust, Dragon Tooth, Scorpion Tail, Snake Skin Enchants the caster's fists with glowing dragon claws, granting increased damage and strike ability while fighting unarmed.
Possession 8 Black Orchid, Demon Horn, Mandrake Root, Shrunken Head, Soul Stone Attempts to take control of the target creature, causing it to fight alongside the caster.
Summon Fiend 8 Blood Nectre, Brimstone Powder, Demon Horn, Dried Homonculous, Raven Claw, Soul Stone Summons a Wraith or Lesser Demon that will fight alongside the caster.
Drain Life 9 Demon Horn, Diamond Dust, Dried Homonculous, Shrunken Head, Soul Stone Drains health out of the target creature and uses it to increase the health of the caster.
Summon Deathlord 9 Blood Nectre, Bone Dust, Borloth Horn, Deadman Hair, Diamond Dust, Soul Stone Summons a Deathlord that will fight alongside the caster.
Hate 10 Brimstone Powder, Mandrake Root, Monkey Paw, Monster Eye, Shrunken Head, Vulture Beak Make all nearby monsters fly into a rage and attack the target monster.

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