"Thralls are a race of small-statured impish demigoths. They are amazingly quick and clever, but small of frame and prefer subterfuge and guile over face-to-face combat. Thralls make excellent Thieves and Mages due to their quickness and intellect."

Thralls are one of the demigoth race available when creating a new character. They have an almost imp like appearance. Like all of the demigoth races, there is no known female version.

Thralls are the smallest of all the races, and in terms of physical ability, also the weakest. However, they do make excellent an excellent mage.


General NPC Thralls are few, though more common than any other Demigoth, and are found only in the Demigoth town of Skuldoon or in the tribal Thrall camp in the Forbidden Lands. Individual Thrall NPCs include:

Ganspul Filto- The bartender of the Bone o'the Boar tavern in Skuldoon.

Wroglaw- The chief of the more primitive Thrall who live in the Forbidden Lands.


Strangely, though they are said to be excellent mages, most common enemy Thralls act more like regular goblins, attack with swords in close quarters and bows from afar. Common enemy Thralls also seldom appear in less than groups of three, and are frequently with other demigoth enemies.


Thrall are the most common of the Demigoth races, appearing far more often than any other kind of Demigoth. Like all Demigoths, Thralls can accept the Urgoth blacksmith's quest for demigoths.