Tomb of Souls

You must enter the Tomb of Souls after you take Valdane's blood to the altar in the Vale of Ruin. In the tomb, you will lot's of demons, and other, undead-like creatures. In one part of the tomb you will find The Watcher. He will give you a challenge which is to fight a bunch of monsters without healing. Once you get past the challenge, you will be able to see Voraatus. He will pop out of a sarcophagus, but be warned, do not attack him unless you're up for a serious fight. If you don't want to fight him for Vartugg's eye, then you must play his game. It's basically like mastermind, you guess the order of tortures, and he will tell you how many you got right. For every one you get wrong, he will take away a point for a random attribute. After the game you must fight some of his minions that spawn by the sarcophagi.


(A) Exit / Entrance

(B) Collapsing bridge (Requires Button {#16} )

(C) Secret Door (Requires button)

(1) Locked Door (Requires gold key)

(2) Sarcophagus (With gold key)

(3) Secret Passage (Requires button {#4} )

(4) Button

(5) Secret Door

(6) Enkhar of Evil (Requires eye of evil {#10} )

(7) Locked Door (Will open with enkhar of evil)

(8) Sepulcher

(9) Sepulchers

(10) Eye of Evil

(11) (optional) Locked Door (Requires demon key from naga temple)

(12) Chest (With skull key)

(13) Fire Room (Requires skull key)

(14) Watcher Challenge

(15) Secret Door

(16) Button

(17) Voraatus

(18) Sarcophagi

(19) Watcher