"These huge, muscular demigoths are feared and respected throughout the world. Strong as oxen and dumb as a bag of rocks, Urgoths can be quickly developed to handle the heaviest of weapons and armor with unprecedented ease. However, they are slow of wit and clumsy of movement, so make poor Mages or Thieves."

The Urgoth is one of the four playable demigoth races that are available when creating a new character. The Urgoth is the largest race available, resembling a bear or gorilla humanoid. Their fur ranges from light gray to black. Like all demigoth races, there is no known female counterpart.

Urgoth is a race that has high vitality and strength. They do, however, have lower than average intelligence. As such, they make excellent warriors or tanks (multiplayer), but poor mages. The Urgoth race choice may have an unmentioned racial ability. This ability is a stun ability. They seem to do it often and that's perfect for a good fighter. However, this may be due to enemy Urgoth's preference for club and mace weaponry.


NPC Urgoths are somewhat rare, and are only found in Skuldoon, the Demigoth town. Individual Urgoth NPCs include:

Turvang- The blacksmith in Skuldoon is important both as a shopkeeper, and offers a special offer and a quest if the player is a demigoth.


Common enemy Urgoths are brawlers and frequently act as the tanks of demigoth enemy bands. Individual enemy Urgoths include:

Guire Boarbone- A renegade Marauder who must be slain in order to gain the Marauder class from the Fighter Guild. He drops a dagger with the Bleeding Wounds effect.


In early versions of the game, there were claims that because of their size, Urgoths could not get through certain doors, making finishing the game difficult if not impossible.