"These reptilian demigoths are feared for their speed, force, and toughness. Their wide lizard-grin is a disturbing sight to many of the more civilized races. Zaur are not particularly bright or slight of hand, but make up for this with lightning fast agility, crushing strength, and a tough, reptilian hide. These traits make them impressive Fighters and competent Thieves."

The Zaur race is one of the demigoth races available when creating a new character. The Zaur are lizard men. Their scales are usually in shades of green. Like all Demigoth races, there is no female version.

Zaur are fairly fast and agile, making them good fighters and adept thieves.


There are few general Zaur NPCs, and all are found in the Demigoth town of Skuldoon.


Common enemy Zaur are sword and shield fighters.


Zaur are able to accept and undertake the Urgoth Blacksmith's quest for Demigoths.